monday monday

1. i am reading walter isaacson’s biography of albert einstein and enjoying it thoroughly. things i most love:

— his rebellious streak and disdain for authority and conformity
— as a young man, he was constantly being rejected and ignored by established academic and scientific communities. they couldn’t compute his brilliance – it was beyond them. he wanted their approval and acceptance so desperately yet when he didn’t get it, he decided that they were dumb and he kept going.
— he didn’t want to settle into a boring bourgeoisie life

2. i am watching the new fox business channel on mute. it looks really cheesy (shocking!).

3. my cousin kate who lives in boston is my kindred spirit, my sister from another mister. our grandma was an artist, and we all have that strain in us. kate said, “on the weekends i just go wandering around the city, finding different people and things.” we both love wacky stuff. then this morning she sent me her horoscope and said it reminded her of me, which made me happy.

don’t be surprised if, in the middle of a conversation, your mind starts to wander today. at first, you might think you’re just entering an introverted, ‘i want to be alone’ phase. but in reality, you might just be bored with the method of discourse. getting ideas across by explaining them with words is so uncreative! try singing your reply, or jotting down a quick haiku that is expressive of what you’re thinking. it’s up to you to push people into communicating in more meaningful ways.

it also reminded me of how my older bro bri and i would torture my little bro kev by refusing to talk for extended periods of time … we’d only sing in his presence. bri: remember that? kev: sorry dude. kate: thanks. xoxo

4. everyone should watch the ellen de generes show. her motto says it all: laughter is the best medicine.



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3 responses to “monday monday

  1. Bro Bri

    I do remember singing conversations around Kev in an effort to frustrate, annoy and infuriate. What I can’t remember if we designated a tune to sing to. “Kookaburra” perhaps?

  2. wait —

    i have the kind of job where i am required to work two weeks out of every three months.

    — please to explain &/or show me how to get one.

  3. bri, i am fairly sure that kookaburra was heavy in the rotation. classic mrs. reddin.

    gemellen — learn about numbers, finance and the types of people who inhabit those worlds. if you can open your brain to that kind of info, and you can put into words what they’re thinking but have the inability to express in an succinct, eloquent way, then you can write your own ticket.

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