i canceled my regular tuesday night self improvement last night (shrink and trainer followed by whole foods take out) and took a short break from my kvetching to accompany a pal to the birthday party of the dude who took this famous photo, and many more. there were aging rockers galore, and lots of other odd, artsy types including this dude. also met my pal’s pal who edited this book. a guy took photos of us and then scrolled back to show us a few pics before us were shots of cate blanchett and jabba the hut. twas a fun night and more validation that i crave being around creative people, not boring ass myopic corporate suits. being a well respected man is way overrated.



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2 responses to “bragging

  1. watched jarmusch’s “night on earth” tonight (for the 10th time). you lucky duck.

  2. ooo, i have not seen that. i’ll have to netflix. and for the record i didn’t talk with jj. am too shy, wimpy to gush in person. tho i did love ghost dog and broken flowers.

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