i just closed my office door so i could blare “clan in da front” by the wu tang. one of these days i will write a wu-tang inspired earnings speech. dollar dollar bills y’all.

so today i’m sitting in my boss’s office. and these new media dudes come in and start mocking his outfit. his lame suit and traditional ways.

while i agreed with them in concept, upon further reflection, who really gives a fuck what he’s wearing? actions and impacts are what matter, right? totes realize i am contradicting myself here, alas. a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

i also disliked their approach: mockery. it felt like high school. the boys all trying to express their dominance over one another, show off and be cool in front of the chicks. and in the process they act like complete douchebags to each other.

it’s annoying, and old. earlier in my career, i wormed into those boys’ clubs. i did it by being very competitive and very “cool.” when i finally got in there i was like: “this is it? my reward is that i get to hang out with you guys all the time?”

yeah, there was a bit more money, internal status, better assignments and the occasional trip on the jet, which all seemed very desirable at the time. but it wasn’t at all worth having to go to offsite meetings at the greenbrier with 20 boring ass married guys in their 40s and 50s.

last night the downtown v train got stuck for over half an hour. i re-watched hotel chevalier on my ipod, among other things. here are my thoughts:

1) wes is brill. high style, i dig.
2) wes has major class hangups. this is by no means a revelation, but still.
3) the jason schwartzman character is the epitome of today’s emasculated sensitive male, hiding out, being passive, waiting for everyone else to do the work. it’s dudes like that who make us long to have brutishly masculine types like daniel craig and clive owen come spank us. natalie portman, meanwhile, plays today’s action-oriented woman. she’s exhausted by the burden of having to decide everything. the world is beating up on her. but she’s still able to expose herself. this ultimately gives her even more power, which she abuses. it’s gals like that who make guys long for demure, hyper-feminine, “foreign” chicks. be careful what you wish for …
4) i’ve watched hotel chevalier twice and listened to the soundtrack many times. haven’t seen darjeeling yet, but i’m excited to, and feel like i’ve already got half my body in that water. i met a photographer the other nite who took photos of wes at the ny film festival. he said that some train scene in darjeeling that used a kinks song was intended to be a beatles song. i love hearing interesting insider stuff like that.



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2 responses to “STACKIN’ CHEDDAR

  1. cheese city. i’d like to think that alpha male syndrome is totes 80s but these young alpha males didn’t get the memo.

    i need the greenbriar clinic for a little aesthetic sculpting.

  2. not sure what the aesthetic sculpting is, but the spa there BLOWS! totes expensive (company paid, but still) and a really wack massage.

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