i want a boyfriend

do i need to make one myself? why don’t real boys like me? argh!



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6 responses to “i want a boyfriend

  1. Why? They’re nothing but trouble (and I’ll take your throwaways).

  2. my ‘hi’-ku to you:

    the cute autumn blond
    so sad in her lonely blog
    gets wink from hot guy

  3. I want a boyfriend, too.

    Husbands are overrated.

  4. Wait, except mine. He’s aiight.

  5. john, it’s a deal as long as you send jakey and or daniel craig my way after you’re through with them (normally i don’t like sloppy seconds, but in this case …).

    laurs, your husband seems quite aiight, yo.

    josh, thanks for the haiku. it made me smile, and it was the first poem a boy’s ever written for me. i went to haiku.org and was v. confused — hawaii travel site or poetry info???

  6. That’s a fair trade but I’m kinda jealous that you got a haiku.

    I’m working on a limerick…

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