old-timey land-grab stuff

Modest Proposal: CEOs Go First by Michael “Mose” Schur, a producer of “The Office.”

This attempt on their part to lock down the internet for free… this is just good old-fashioned corporate greed, is what this is. This is old-timey Rockefeller union-busting land-grab stuff. In a weird way I admire it. It’s been a long time since something as potentially valuable as the internet was invented – in fact, it was probably television itself. And every time something like this comes along – railroads, oil drilling, oceanic shipping – a very small group of men get together and wring their hands with glee and plot and scheme, and try to squeeze out every single cent they can. The representatives of these six companies are only doing what their corporate fathers did before them – collude, wield power, screw workers, doubletalk, and hide behind lawyers.

Read the full proposal …



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  1. How do I turn Britney off (and no divorcing her doesn’t work)?

  2. i had to delete the post. that rock you site is still in the early beta and the tools still kinda suck — you can’t choose an optional volume on/off. decided to delete it — but here’s the link:


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