friday fun

1. oh how i love angrylittlegirls. this is my new desktop background:

download the image here

2. visted weeworld and made my weeme. wee i am:


3. i received a starbuttal this morning. or i was starbuffed, whichever you fancy. despite this, the siren song of those cute christmas ornaments is becoming harder and harder to resist.

4. started holiday shopping at and am diggin’ on the handmade gifts this year, yo.

5. question for yas: so, am i like 12? and do i have a real job?



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5 responses to “friday fun

  1. Hey hey
    you you
    I don’t like your girlfriend!

  2. laurs, is that a song? please enlighten me! xoxox

  3. adorable, all of it. you.

  4. “Girlfriend”, Avril Lavgne. Did I spell that wrong?

    Love the pics of the angry girls and of your weeme!

    yes, I’m back……

  5. thanks Gem. you rock, the music’s contagious, and this one’s for you!

    lost, you are totes on the tween rock. i shouldda known. i have been singing LO-LO-LO-LO-VE all weekend after seeing ashley simpson’s surgically altered mug in OKAY!

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