social networking climber*(n.) so•shul / net • wur • king / clime • bur ─ One who lobbies friends and acquaintances to connect on Facebook and other social networking sites so as to reflect well on one’s own profile and popularity.

“She hasn’t responded to my emails in 6 months, but now she wants to be my facebook friend? She’s totes a social networking climber!”

* In extreme cases that involve Facebook, the perpetrator may be referred to as a Facehooker.

For the record, I am a bit of a social networking climber. And I personally believe that when you get above 50 – 60 friends on Facebook, you may be approaching Facehooker status. I mean, who can really have that many friends? There’s a Shakespeare quote — “Listen to many, speak to a few.” To extend that to the digital age … “Email with many, link to a few.”


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  1. I am a facehooker, too.

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