thanks, yo

My friends are my estate.”
— Emily Dickinson

My blogfriends are my virtual estate.”
— Col

am dashing off this lil posty before i head to newark airport. flying out to SF to visit kev and tara for the holiday. then back on sat. to prepare for the big event on sunday: liam’s baptism. it should be a fun coupla days. am not a huge fan of thanksgiving food, never have been … but i DO like to lollygag around with the people i love.

and that goes for both the Wide World and the World Wide Web. i am very thankful for ya’ll … my readers, commenters, and blogfriends. having an audience is a weird thing. you want to be true to yourself and stay honest and you want to please them at the same time. at what point does an “audience” become a community? at what point do you become a character rather than yourself … and is that necessarily a bad thing? the thing with the blogspace is, i learn so much from others and i really start to care about them and wonder about their lives. john lennon was so right… reality DOES leave a lot to the imagination.

Anyways, just want to say in totes earnestness (except for that angry little girls image, which i simply cannot resist):

HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Sending much love and joy to you.



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4 responses to “thanks, yo

  1. safe travels! happy foodie & friend weekend! xoxoxom

  2. Hope you’re having an awesome time! Snuggle Liam for me. xoxo

  3. thanks guys. love you all.

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