post-thanksgiving stew

1. rich guys ─ get over yourself. it’s cool and all that you made a shitload of dough in software, vc, hedge fund management,banking etc. but that doesn’t necessarily make you interesting or hot or good boyfriend or husband/father material. believe it or not, there are tons of you out there. now i’m def. with gwen guthrie in requiring that a dude have a J-O-B, but material wealth alone does not a rich man make. you’ve also got to be giving, attentive, present, loving and receptive. and bonus points if you say stuff like: i don’t mean to brag, i don’t mean to boast, but i’m intercontinental when i eat french toast.

2. san fran ─ good time overall. we deep fried a turkey and it took so long i ended up getting sick in the bathroom from all the mulled cider (made with a whole jug of crown royal and peach schnapps) in my empty belly. that’s what i get for trying to roll with the 27 year olds. friday i went hiking at land’s end and hung at the beach with tara while kev worked. flew united direct and it was actually quite pleasant. i upgraded my seat both ways to get extra legroom and watched episodes of 30 rock and arrested development on my ipod. dream!

3. don(na) coleone, the godmother ─ liam was a champ at his christening yesterday. i stood up on the altar there, renounced satan and all that as the nudge became a catholic. the party was good times too –50 + people there, lots of kiddies, good eats, good tunes (i did the songlist). always good to kick back and hang with the extended friends and fam.

4. half nelson ─ started watching it last night, and though i am over a year late with this, i’m jumping on the effusively praising bandwagon. it’s a moving story of 20-something crack-addicted inner-city middle-school teacher, dan dunne. ryan gosling plays the role to perfection showing how one can manage to go to work, jog, get dates, follow politics and look ridiculously hot whilst secretly enslaved by a life-threatening addiction. the actor who plays drey ─ dunne’s smart, strong, painfully sweet and earnest schoolgirl protector ─ is also very gifted.

5. “We didn’t know who to hire. I wouldn’t be able to recognize a good technology person — anyone with a good bullshit story would have gotten past me.” — Universal Music CEO Doug Morris to Wired magazine when asked why the music business didn’t work harder to build its own online presence in the early days of file-sharing. rarely do you get to see a major honcho straight up admitting that past swagger and game face masked total ignorance and laziness. he and his high-rollin’ industry peers had no clue what to do in a changing environment, and they didn’t try to figure it out until it was way too late. i also dig how he admits that “anyone with a good bullshit story” can get through. it’s so true. consultant types who peddle ideas to big honchos are often opportunistic shysters.



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4 responses to “post-thanksgiving stew

  1. 1. I’d have to meet one first before I make that call.

    2. I’ve been there (puking at Thanksgiving that is; don’t taste test drinks you plan on serving at the Christmas party before Thanksgiving dinner). Puking Thanksgiving Dinner Bonus: you feel thin the next morning.

    3. I love Catholics. They have the best parties.

    4. Ryan Gosling….Tasty!

    5. My theory: new technology; old people.

  2. nwo

    That french toast thing is kinda freaky. But glad you had a fun TG and being Godmother.

  3. john, you crack my up.

    nwo, the french toast thing is a beastie boys lyric.

    i was spouting off about rich dudes after a particular person annoyed me. people are people … so to say all rich dudes are pricks is like saying all blondes are dumb. it’s silly.

  4. LOL! Dude….crown royal. Ow!

    I’ve fried a turkey before with friends. It’s really quite tasty — once I got over the amount of oil it took to cook the thing.

    Totes want to see “Half-Nelson”

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