fight greed!

you can call me col guevara, but NO, i am not on board with ALL unions. i think a lot of unions perpetuate mediocrity and failure, particularly in our national education system. i loathe politicians — they are corrupt interest peddlers, regardless of party affiliation. i consider myself more of an À la carte thinker and voter. and i hate when dopey celebs start spouting off about complex issues they have very little understanding of. but here’s a case where i welcome the yammering (most of it, anyway) because they intimately understand what’s at stake:

Solidarity! Tina Fey, Tim Robbins, Kristin Davis, John Edwards, And The Creepy Guy From “Lost” Rally For Striking Writers

BTW, Carson Daly going back to work? Really dumb move, brah!

“hi, i’m carson daly, and i’m a massive tool.” — Jimmy Fallon playing Carson Daly (on TRL) on SNL


PS: i really miss jimmy.


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  1. that massive tool quote on SNL was sooooooooooooo incredibly funny. i ❤ jimmy.

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