monday morning dance party!

shakira is ridiculously hot. i considered dressing as up her in this video — covered in oil — for halloween a couple of years ago. i didn’t have the abs for it, though, and no one i asked at the time seemed to be aware of the video so i passed. i think that was the year i ended up being mauled roy horn, so of course no regrets. but still — shakira has an uncanny way of awakening my mojo. the floor writhing? come on! i also love the goofy part in this video where she’s chopping onions (barefoot on the cutting board no less) and the peeping alejandro sanz thinks she’s crying passionate tears.

so corny, so good. me duele tanto …


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One response to “monday morning dance party!

  1. The next time I’m invited to one of Shakira’s parties, I will definitely be wary.

    Shakira: “You must try some of my homemade salsa, John”

    John: “errr, no thanks”

    (and great song, col)

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