whose line is it anyway?

got some good pick up lines? here’s one:

Do you have a mirror in your pocket? … ‘Cause i can see myself in your pants.

also brainstorming on a new annual mantra. the tradition began 10 years ago, created by a girl named crusty. “gonna date in ’98” it went. the next year it was “wine and dine in ’99.” then i believe it was “i need a lay in the Y2K.” after that the lame, yet solid “have some fun in 2001.” don’t recall what 2002, 2004, 2004, etc. were. last year i called it: “roarin’ and revvin’ in 2007”. any ideas for 2008?



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6 responses to “whose line is it anyway?

  1. John in IL

    How about “Daniel Craig, I await in 2008”?. Too wimpy? More forceful: “Daniel Craig, I will mate” or “Daniel Craig on a plate” (yum).

    (be thankful I avoided prostate and prostrate)

  2. John
    THAT is brill. I’d like to add:

    Daniel Craig, I am your fate in 2008.

  3. John in IL

    ooohhh, I like that!

    my non DC picks were: “cleaning the slate in 2008” or “calm mental state in 2008”.

  4. those are very good, very zen.

  5. John in IL

    the zen that is col has taught me well

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