public relations – Jargon du JourDecember 7th, 2007: Facipulate (v.)

An unfortunate mix of ‘facilitate’ and ‘manipulate’, this contrived verb refers to influencing the course of a discussion by indirectly promoting particular lines of thought.

To see Facipulation in action, look at the AMPTP’s statements about the Writer’s Guild of America. The studios are trying to rally the public against the writers by positioning writers as spoiled for making an average salary of $200,000 a year. Meanwhile, the studio heads are insulating their pool houses with gold bricks.

According to the AMPTP’s statement today, “The producers presented a proposal which would increase the average working writer’s salary to more than $230,000 a year.” To that I say: BFD (big fuckin deal). Honchos are always demanding they be paid fairly for their content — that’s just what the writers want too. Give the writers a fair cut … not a deal that’s gonna limit their earning power and screw them later on down the line. The days of gluttonous corporate exploitation of creative people are drawing to a close.


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