the followship award


(click on the image above to watch the clip)

“The GE Followship Award is presented annually to the woman – sorry, person who best exemplifies a follower.” – Jack Donaghy



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4 responses to “the followship award

  1. Is businesswoman even a word?

  2. $5 million? That’s NBA sexual assault money.

  3. i’m with you laurs. the dogfighting/michael vick reference? killer. the show is not only hilarious but also deliciously timely, thanks to tina and her writing crew. when the writer’s strike ends (WHEN???) i hope they do an episode about a writer’s strike. i can see donaghy losing his mind, doing his best to union bust. alec baldwin was made for the role and lord oh lord, is it ever true to CEO form.

  4. That show is made brilliant by its guest stars. Rip Torn? Oh man, I would sleep with that old geezer. He is so funny.

    “Everyone looks good in a Sheinhart.”

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