facehooker.jpgFacebook remorse. facebook re·morse (n.): The emotion felt upon inadvertently mailing an invitation or missive to hundreds of people stored in your email address book through the automated “Find Friends” feature in the Facebook interface (including exes, eh’s, family members and professional contacts that you did not want to go there with). Gahhhh!!



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3 responses to “LEXICOL

  1. Kristina

    oh my god – did that happen to you??? facebook is truly evil in its ginormous appetite for more friends, more friends (more marketing data, more marketing data)!

    p.s. – i did your holiday challenge and passed it on! 🙂

  2. I knew our new friendship was too good to be true.

  3. K, no i don’t think it happened to me. but maybe it did. i went in yesterday to invite barry but i couldn’t figure out how to do an individual invite so i went thru the whole rigamaroll with the address book and unchecked everyone except barry … but then had an MMD (mini melt down) that i still somehow sent it to everyone.

    barry — you doubt my sincerity? and to think you once told me i was the best i was the best

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