nappy headed ho

sloth.jpgthe lack of blog posts over the past week is proof that i did not go to the office. it’s been fairly delightful. i’ve slept massive amounts, watched horrible TV, ate too much food, and have rarely left the apartment. wake up at 9. eat cereal, play super mario galaxy and then take a nap at 11. tis the season to be slothful.

christmas itself was stressful, due to an ongoing parental situation that’s best described by amy winehouse, except it’s daddy himself that’s the issue. not fun but i’m determined not going to let it ruin everything. time with other familial units helped mitigate the stress. so did a lot of naps.

yesterday i had fabulous unexpected QT with cousin kate. we saw persepolis. it was fun & heavy. if you plan to read the books, definitely do that first.

today i saw juno. it was cute. a little precious … indie emo overload, but i loved it no less. the main character is a mini janeane garofalo and the soundtrack sounds like a mixed CD i made 6 months ago. plus it’s got michael cera being a sweet little weenie boy. how can you beat that?



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5 responses to “nappy headed ho

  1. We just saw Juno, tonight, and I cried.

    So sweet & tender. The scene with the socks and the running shoes in the hospital just made me lose it.

    I lost it.

    I’m so *not* emo, by the way.

  2. sara

    your weeks sounds blissful.

    i have been keeping your copies of persepolis hostage i suppose. i read one but on the second. i am committing to do so in the next few weeks and promise to get them back. i can’t wait to see the movies.

  3. sara

    ok. just realized how stupid and insensitive the blissful comment sounded given your family stresses. just shows you howi am… you mention movies, napping etc and i just block out all the other stuff!

  4. John in IL

    Get your ass back to the office, col.

  5. lauriekins, yeah, sweet & tender. interestingly, it’s being embraced by the conservatives as a “pro-life” film.

    sara, no worries about the comment. i totally knew what you meant. and absolutely no rush with the books. you didn’t ask for them — i forced them upon you and there’s no rush at all on returning them.

    john, i’m returning to the asylum on wednesday. wah wah wah wah (price is right losing horn).

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