i hate politics but

ilikemike.jpgthis 2008 prediction in business week caught my eye:

Bloomberg’s Historic Run

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will enter the Presidential race in February, after it becomes clear which nominees will get the nod from the major parties. His multiple billions and organization will impress voters—and stun rivals. He’ll look like the most viable third-party candidate since Teddy Roosevelt. But Bloomberg will come up short, as he comes in for withering attacks from both Democrats and Republicans. He and Clinton will split more than 50% of the votes, but Arizona’s maverick senator, John McCain, will end up the country’s next President.


that would be pretty cool if we finally had a viable independent candidate. and bloomberg is totes impressive in my book.



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6 responses to “i hate politics but

  1. linda k.

    as much as i would like to have a woman president, i like the fact that mike is one rich dude who would not be beholden to anyone! also, perhaps we need a business person to sort out the fiscal mess we currently mired in.

  2. John in IL

    Holy hell. I saw the title and the pic and my first thought was that you liked Mike “Almighty” Huckabee. Whew…don’t scare me like that, col.

    You’re right. Bloomberg is worth a look.

    And linda k, could you explain what you mean by “fiscal mess”?

  3. GAHH, john! sorry for the scare. huckabee is dipshit. i’ve tuned all the noise out so much that i don’t know what he’s been saying but one look at his mug (and web site) and i can tell the dude’s a yokel. (also — does he have a lazy eye?) ps: thanks for the ballsy xmas card. loved it.

    linda k, i heard a rumor that if barak gets the nom, mike might be his running mate. i think it’d be tough for an elder statesman like bloomie to accept a subordinate role. yet if he can overcome the ego impairment, it could actually work out to be a dream team of sorts. idealism and fresh ideas coupled with experience and wisdom. a dreamer and an executer. and by the way, they DID have a date recently: http://tinyurl.com/ypa5tf

    i saw mike speak at the 92nd street Y a few years ago and he insisted he’s not going to run for president. he’s denied the possibility over and over. but he never said anything about VP.

  4. Bro Bri

    Apart from illegally purchasing firearms across state lines in an effort to bring a lawsuit against firearms dealers, and bringing nanny-state laws such as the “no trans-fat” law to NYC, I’d say Bloomy is doing a fantastic job maintaining the policies Rudy conceived and implemented in the post Dinkins haze of the early 90’s. So let’s hear it for Captain Bloomberg who’s keeping the SS Giuliani (AKA NYC) on course!

  5. Bro Bri

    Mike Huckabee is the Republican Jimmy Carter.

  6. Bri, Mike Bloomberg is a proven leader whose experience and success in the private, public and non-profit sectors is truly remarkable. His raw competence as a visionary, manager, leader and communicator have helped him become the 25th richest man in America. His foundation gave away $165.3 million in 2006, about $22 million more than the year before (his main issues are public health, medical research, education and the arts). Along with Joel Klein, he’s done wonderful things in the NYC public school system. During his first year at City Hall, Mike abolished the ineffective Board of Education (very controversial at the time). Today, math and reading scores are up significantly and graduation rates are at their highest levels in two decades. Public school systems around the country are looking to NYC as a model to emulate. Perhaps most importantly, Mike has a keen intellect … the kind of intelligence that’s needed to navigate a very complex geopolitical environment. Rudy was a great Mayor, don’t get me wrong, but he doesn’t come close to Bloomberg’s qualifications and track record. The last thing America and the world needs right now is another macho divisive figure at the helm.

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