chaka col

drums.jpgthere’s an african dance class at my gym. with drums — LOUD drums — going for more or less the whole class session. last night i took a moment to peek in at them for a bit. i love new york — so much diversity, all kinds of people in there doing their own weird ass thing. no judgments. as i stood on the other side of the glass, i fantasized about running in there tom green style and doing something that made even them, uber-tolerant and accepting folk that they appear to be, uncomfortable. what would it take?


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2 responses to “chaka col

  1. The absolute key to taking an African Dance class or any dance class…is to be totally free and say, “screw it”! Esp for a class like that, I’ve taken some before and found the more you tense up the more you standout! It’s ALL about the rhythm of those drums…it’s hypnotic! I loved the few times I tried it. I tried it b/c of those drums!

    I can totes see you doing some Tom Green moves and you know what? You’d probably have so much fun and fit right in with the effort and energy!

  2. that’s it, lost! go in there and be super rigid/tense and make robotic dance moves. elaine-style if you will. and let them escalate into higher realms of awkwardness along with the beat. i just wish i would have the balls to actually do it.

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