One woman’s pleasure

i often bitch about my work (or lack thereof), but that’s just because i’m bored. others would love to sit around all day trapped in one little lonesome room, but i am a social creature and long to be around others, having fun and making things. i certainly don’t have it THIS bad. i have an abundance of free time during the day that permits me to post here. and were i more ambitious i’d apply myself to other pursuits.


cleaning_lady.gifbesides, there are much worse jobs than mine. namely: gym locker room cleaning lady. unlike regular cleaning ladies, you don’t get to spy or steal. your singular goal is to keep things clean while, all around you, they are constantly getting dirty. just when you get it sparkling, another spin class lets out and a new gaggle comes barging in. i don’t begrudge the cleaning lady at my gym for mopping me into a corner as i blow-dry my hair.


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