happy birthday aretha!

arethayoga.jpgAretha is 4 today! Sort of. I’m not really sure when her birthday is. She was 8 months old when I adopted her from the ASPCA, so technically her birthday is in May some time.

I was pretty depressed when she came into my life. I was hating my job at the insurance company, living in a 300 square foot studio in Tudor City, feeling lonely. My therapist suggested that I get a pet. Given my living situation, a dog was not an option. Also, growing up we’d had 2 cats and a dog … so I tend to love both species.

Linda brought me to the shelter on the Upper East Side. It didn’t HAVE to be a kitten, but I wanted a young cat. We went in to meet with the animals and I held three or four of them. Aretha was different in that she was a complete lovebug right from the get go. She was desperate for affection and attention … not scared or aloof as the cat stereotype goes. She snuggled right into my arms and did not want to be taken out of them.

From aretha

There was a big snowstorm that MLK weekend, and it was fun to stay inside and bond with her. She spent the first day or so hiding under my bed. I was very pleased to learn that she was already litter trained. As the years have passed, I discovered her other talents − like her fetching capabilities. She truly loves to play fetch. She is also adept at chasing laser beams, jumping from furniture to furniture and staring down boyfriends. She completely unnerves guys with her gaze, and their reactions to her give me insight into their personalities.

Aretha loves to sleep on the DVR and swat at my flat screen as I play tennis and Mario on my Wii. When I take baths at night, she keeps me company standing on the ledge of the tub. She’s a beautiful animal and a loyal and loving pet. Yay, Aretha!



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9 responses to “happy birthday aretha!

  1. linda k.

    sweet aretha–i remember when you and col first met at the aspca. you bonded immediately. in fact the asshole at the shelter accused us of not spending enough time with you to make a thoughtful decision. but it was love at first sight. when i put you and your mom in the cab, i knew you guys would share many happy times together.

    (and col, you’re so right about cats being a great judge of character. sass can sniff out a douche in 2 seconds flat!)

    sassy and i wish you a very happy birthday. we love you, lk

  2. John in IL

    What a pretty kitteh. Happy b-day Aretha!

    (and one of my cats is a tub watcher too. I don’t get that)

  3. I love Aretha and I love how she loves you.


  4. Kristina

    So cute! Happy b-day Aretha!

  5. John in IL

    Watch out! She’s got laser eyes in that last pic.

  6. thanks everybody! by the way that’s bro Kev in the picture with aretha in case you were wondering.

  7. John in IL

    how many more attractive brothers do you have?

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