more excerpt zen:



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  1. Dude, I read this & thought, “Which Clinton wrote this???”

    Duh. Joseph Chilton Pearce needs to refer me to a zen reading doctor. Stat.

  2. his writing is rather obtuse but i get what he’s saying. i read another one of his books a few years ago and it’s stayed with me. in this book he’s laying out a scientific argument that the heart (the actual physical organ) works in tandem with the brain in a (physical way) and that it has the capability to work together in an even greater capacity … that it’s the next stage in human evolution. his main argument is that our world is so violent because we do not adequately nurture our children. other species nurture and protect their offspring. humans these days tend to abandon their young — physically, emotionally, spiritually. religion meanwhile teaches people to believe that suffering and deferring happiness are NORMAL things to do. i haven’t gotten to the part where he lays out a solution. any which way, it’s all pretty interesting.

  3. V. interesting & totally rings true, especially the abandonment of the young. I’ve seen squirrels treated better than some kids.

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