eventful day


1) stock market roller coaster (not that i really care)

2) amy winehouse on the crackpipe, heath ledger dead in mary-kate olsen’s apartment.***

3) kate harding, a long-time blogfriend who followed her bliss and started an issue-oriented blog (fat acceptance), was featured in the nytimes today and will be on the today show tomorrow. damn them — they bumped her for 24-7 coverage of the dead celeb.

4) i actually worked at work.



*** interesting how the ledger news unfolded.
i checked out tmz.com and saw the headline.

then i started IM’ing my buds with the morbid gossip.

then people were sending me links: nytimes.com, yahoo, daily news. then i saw it on cnn headline news.

sad. he was only 28 and had a daughter with the naughty girl on dawson’s creek. i saw michael clayton over the weekend (amazing) … a character in it said that being married to a drunk is like “being strapped to a bomb.” that can go for any form of addiction. it’s not to be messed with.



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2 responses to “eventful day

  1. Am I a monster for never watching a single episode of Dawson’s Creek? I always hated the name Pacey.

  2. John in IL

    Nice to hear your voice. That is exactly how I thought you would sound like (a good thing).

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