KrishnamurtiYou know the great musicians, Beethoven, Bach and so on, it is from the known they act. And the writers, philosophers and so on, also have read, accumulated, developed their own style and so on, always moving, acting or writing from that which has been accumulated, known. And this we call, generally, creativity.Now is that really creative? Or is there a different kind of creativity which is born out of the freedom from the known? When we paint, write, create a marvelous structure out of stone, it is the accumulative knowledge, whether in the scientific field or in the world of art, human art, there is always this sense of carrying from the past to the present. Or imagination, romantic, factual, moral and so on. Is there creativity that is something totally different from this activity that we call generally creativity?” — J. Krishnamurti
Ojai 3rd Public Question & Answer Meeting 13th May 1980


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  1. Sounds the sound of one pen writing…

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