old school cut and paste

the year is 1992. jon secada’s “just another day” is at the top of the charts. people are rioting in los angeles. william jefferson clinton is campaigning for president. Bosnia and Herzegovina has seceded from Yugoslavia (yes, it’s ONE country — who knew?). and the “Teflon Don” has just been convicted of 13 crimes. i actually LIKE how i look in my prom pictures, except i’m not thrilled with my date. but i do adore that hunky tom cruise, star of “a few good men” and “far and away.”




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4 responses to “old school cut and paste

  1. OMG, I had those shoes.

  2. You could also substitute Val Kilmer from The Doors. This could be an ongoing art project for you.

  3. John in IL

    Glue, like life, is messy.

  4. Can I just tell you that my mum made this lovely prom dress for me & I insisted upon wearing a black vinyl motorcycle jacket over it? Right. Also my date was my gay best friend. & I lived in Arkansas. Rockin’ 1990 to its core.

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