the grammy’s

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2 responses to “the grammy’s

  1. lewis fein

    Send your mother and Brian my regards. I still remember your grandmother who lived down the road from Smith School. She used to walk Brian to school. If I remember correctly, she had a dog — one which accidentally ate some crayons, making him vomit in Technicolor. Speaking of crayons, Brian had a Crayola Caddy; that thing was the Mercedes-Benz of crayons. Lucky kid.

  2. Hi Lew, the dog was an Alaskan husky named Juno. She was bipolar and crapped in black in white. The Crayola Caddy — I don’t remember that but I DO remember a red Prang(?) crayon extravaganza. i got it as a report card present. I’ll tell Bri & Ma you said hello.

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