my band

maenad.gifthe name of my band is “the maenads.” i’ve got a tambourine and a sweet bottle of ’99 barolo. anyone got a double flute?
In Greek mythology, Maenads (Greek: Μαινάδες) were the inspired and frenzied female worshippers of Dionysus, the Greek god of mystery, wine, and intoxication, the Roman god Bacchus. Their name literally translates as “raving ones.”

Maenads are a special kind of nymph that are the main female followers of Dionysus. They dressed in thin skimpy outfits or nothing at all. They danced, played double flutes, or struck tambourines. As they wandered they picked up human converts who joined them.

They were known as wild, insane women who could not be reasoned with. They sometimes would achieve a frenzied state that was quite dangerous. In this state if they caught a wild animal or even a human they would tear it to pieces and then devour them.


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