roger clemens is totally lying.

liar-730096.jpgit’s plain as day. i knew it when i saw the 60 minutes piece and i can tell from his testimony and mcnamee’s testimony today that clemens is full of it. we’ve seen this before. someone who’s so used to being extraordinary that he convinces himself of his own lie.

hey roger, i’ve got a song for you:
the truth by handsome boy modeling school



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6 responses to “roger clemens is totally lying.

  1. John in IL

    I still don’t understand why our government is even involved in this. What does this have to do with anything?

  2. Bro Bri

    john, you don’t understand why our government is grandstanding on a topic that would resonate with millions of registered voters?

  3. Linda K.

    i agree with john. it is so sad that congress would prefer to waste their time on this bullshit, instead of dealing with important issues–like bringing our troops home!

  4. John in IL

    Does it, Bri? I can’t find anyone who cares enough about this that they think Congress should be involved in it. Right, left, it doesn’t matter who you talk to.

  5. i think we all agree it has no place in congress. bri is right that the pols are grandstanding. this is the most attention they’ve gotten in a while. the ratings for the congressional testimony — on tv and the radio — were through the roof. i even watched it, dumb and impertinent as it was.

  6. Bro Bri

    john – i don’t know of anyone who cares all that much about this, but i’m still in the after-glow of the giants sb xlii victory and have not moved onto baseball. but it is getting coverage and a lot of it.

    linda – bring the troops home and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

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