beacon-sjdk.jpglast night’s sharon jones & the dap-kings/budos band concert at the beacon theater was one of the best live shows i have ever attended. seriously. i see a shitload of live music and don’t remember anything nearly as invigorating. intimate & classy, the beacon is. we had nice seats. the opening act, the budos band, is a bunch of badass white-boy brooklyn-hailing hippie-ster afro-caribbean funk musicians. so many of them, it was approaching earth wind & fire proportions (i think budos has 12 whereas EW&F had 15 at one point). anyways, they opened the show in high style. and then, the dap-kings. they were dressed real classy, like a mod ratpack. the lighting was gorgeous.

and sharon, SHARON!

you know when you hear the records that this woman is special. but to see her live is to realize she’s a force of nature. the minute she steps on the stage you forget about all those guys behind her. she’s it. a beacon. she’s it. totally authentic, hilarious, and energetic beyond anything i’ve seen. she gives the audience everything, and has so much fun doing it that by the end everyone is walking out smiling and feeling all lovey dovey. also i love that she’s just hitting her career highs at age 52. for years industry people told her no. in the absence of any recording contract as a solo singer, she spent many years working as a corrections officer at Rikers Island and armored car guard for Wells Fargo Bank, until receiving a mid-life career break in 1996. there’s a whole long story about mark ronson and amy winehouse and all that but i don’t feel like getting into it. suffice it to say this is one amazing show and if you have the opportunity to see them live run, don’t walk.



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  1. Sometimes words don’t even describe the awesomeness.

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