monday morning dance party!

miss alice and i attended the will ferrell funny or die comedy tour at radio city music hall last night. dawsome! the highlight for me was when ron burgundy interviewed tom brokaw. t bone was a good sport, and it was really funny to see ron try to one-up him. demetri martin was the most entertaining of the three standup acts. very high-brow/clever which i dig. nick swardson is a better comedic actor and standup comedian, but he seemed drunk or hung over. sloppy … not as sharp and he is in those comedy central specials. at the end they all came out wearing capezio jazz pants (black spandex), ugg boots, mock turtle necks and giant gold chains with crosses on them, singing alicia keys’ “no one.” that was a pleasure and a delight. so, in an homage to will this morning, i chose “what is love,” the 90’s club hit by haddaway, which was made extra famous by the SNL sketch (and the resulting film) featuring will and chris kattan as head bobbing guidos. the haddaway video itself is also a source of hilarity. remember: each day you have a choice – hilarity or insanity.



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2 responses to “monday morning dance party!

  1. I’m so jealous right now.

    PS – I may divorce the husband and have Demetri Martin’s brilliant babies.

    PPS – I’m bobbing my head.

  2. If I were to liken Demetri’s style to an existing comedy legend, i’d say he’s like a young STEVE martin.

    one of steve’s gifts is taking esoteric humor and making it relatable and accessible to all.

    also he used a lot of props. demetri also seems to — drawings etc.

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