desultory thoughts

  • I like to think of it as a wonderful world. But some days, if some jerkoff goes too far I feel the need to kick ass.
  • Perception is NOT reality. As Roger Evans aptly stated: “There are three sides to every story: my side, your side and the truth. And no one is lying. Memories shared serve each one differently.” Come to think of it, lots of people are lying to themselves and others. Enron, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Adjustable-Rate Mortgages. These large-scale lies are accumulations of little lies.
  • I want Hillary to win because I want a woman in charge of the world. Is that an “emotional” choice? Yes, and that’s a GOOD thing. Also, let’s face it, tough bitches get shit done! Though Obama ain’t a shabby option at all, at this point I am still all about ho’s before bro’s.
  • Am totes obsessed with In Treatment. SOOO friggin’ good.


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5 responses to “desultory thoughts

  1. Seriously….didn’t I tell you that “In Treatment” is freaking crazy good????

    Gabriel Byrne ain’t too shabby either!

  2. Dammit, I haven’t watched In Treatment because I wasn’t sure I could make that kind of commitment. I need to go back and hit the Tivos.

  3. Linda K.

    thanks for your email about cokie roberts’ interview with billie jean king (one of my all-time idols!).

    i began fighting for equal rights for women when i entered the work force in 1969 (before many of you were born or your parents got married) and saw first-hand how unfair it was to women. i made less than my male colleagues. if there was a layoff, single women were the first to go because we didn’t have families to support. and on it went. unfortunately, 39 years later it’s not much better. the fact that america is not ready for a woman president only proves, once again, “that we have not come a long way, baby!”

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