hey, i like mos def too!

lizzyandmos.jpgIf you are idle, be not solitary; if you are solitary be not idle.
— Samuel Johnson

stuff white people like — once or twice a day for the past two weeks people have mentioned this blog to me. a cursory review of the “stuff” on it reveals that i like about 75% of said stuff. my question is: are my asian, black, hispanic and “other” brothers and sisters equally amused, entertained and represented by this site and the stuff on it?

hot chicks with douchebags — the name says it all.

http://www.hillaryismomjeans.com — endless auto-generated imprecations against hil (or anyone, really). thanks laurs



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3 responses to “hey, i like mos def too!

  1. Four out of five doctors recommend emotherapy as the best course of treatment after extended exposure to chin cacti.

    OMG, this is a totes excellent find.

  2. Jake Kono

    I’m confused, is the picture you posted supposed to suggest that Lizzie Grubman is a hot chick, and Mos Def is a douchebag, or that as a white person, Lizzie Grubman likes Mos Def? Please tell me it’s the latter because I think she looks like a tiny frankenstein.

  3. glad you dig, laurs. they have some gems.

    Jake, I am white and I like Mos Def. By NO MEANS did I mean to imply that Lizzie Grubman is a hot chick.

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