they’re all connecting

science.jpgScience, Order, and Creativity
By David Bohm, F. David Peat

How can science, when it is based on a narrow perspective of life, ever understand the essence of natural problems since they occur in a much wider context? In “Science, Order & Creativity,” David Bohm and F. David Peat present a compelling argument that science, in fact, cannot hope to provide answers when its approach is narrow and fragmented from other disciplines such as philosophy, art, and religion. A revolutionary approach to scientific inquiry, “Science, Order & Creativity” is an accessible entry into the extraordinary work of one of the century’s greatest thinkers, David Bohm.

everyone’s telling me the same thing at the same time. scientists, philosophers, historians, and spiritualists. ego-based living has led us astray. human consciousness is waking up and becoming aware of its insanity.

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