brain frittata

20060415-fritatta.jpgbeen writing a speech for three and a half days now. my head and back say: ouchie. note to self why i put myself through this:

i’m a writer and a thinker and an all-around tinker –RER.

i love to write speeches and things because i love to solve intellectual problems. or at least learn about what’s at stake … and zone in on possible solutions … pointing people towards them.

get the dialogue started, get people to notice and take action.

do it through COMMUNICATION, dialogue.

enough of top-down, command control. that just doesn’t work anymore. you cannot control people because you can’t control the flow of information. you cannot see what you are not looking for.

it’s a new world, where leaders need to engage with those they lead. they must be able to listen well and influence people horizontally. they must get others to cooperate and collaborate and participate … across disciplines, across borders, across all divisions — social, economic, biological.

how to do all that? who knows. but a sense of humor is a good start.


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