monday morning dance party!

“We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off” by Jermaine Stewart. And if you’re Elliot Spitzer, you don’t have to take your socks off either …

blacksocks.jpg“It is also my client’s understanding from the same source that Governor Spitzer did not remove his midcalf-length black socks during the sex act. Perhaps you can use this detail to corroborate Mr. Stone’s information.”



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4 responses to “monday morning dance party!

  1. I wish you knew me when this song ruled my life. OMG!!!!!!! I love you.

  2. John in IL

    I have to take my socks off (to have a good time)?

  3. gem, i love you too! and the song was heavy in the rotation at some point in my life. i suspect that i had big bangs, sun-inned hair and wore frosted lipstick ala xoxo

    john, you bring the party wherever you go. socks on, or socks off, i have total confidence in your ability to have a good time!

  4. John in IL

    socks on it is!

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