desultory thoughts

kathi lee gifford’s coming back to morning TV. does anyone care? boomer women might, and they are the main audience for that daypart so there you go. did anyone give a shit about katie going to cbs news? yeah, boomer men. they were pissed to see good old newsman bob schieffer peace out, so they peaced out with him.

with a few exceptions like live sports, there is no mass audience anymore. not everyone gives a shit about the same things. a diversity of choices leads to a diversity of taste and viewership.

story.jpgthat’s also why NEW icons are harder and harder to come by.

OLD icons were forced into our consciousness by a media that dictated everything.

now we take what we want and block out the rest.

makes mega-stardom less and less likely. makes shared media references less likely. and it makes advertisers and the media companies who serve them all the more nostalgic for the good old days when they were the maestro.

pretty soon consumers will put out our own RFPs and let companies vie for our business. they’ll have to earn the privilege of selling to us. won’t that be grand?


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  1. On top of it, I’m going to outsource my RFP process to Chennai.

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