monday morning dance party!

“What You Waiting For?” by Gwen Stefani.

We love Gwennie. LOOOVE love Gwennie. And this video is oh so apropos.

Naturally, I’m worried if I do it alone
Who really cares, cause it’s your life
You never know, it could be great
Take a chance cause you might grow
Oh, ah, oh



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4 responses to “monday morning dance party!

  1. It’s weird that you posted this because I think there are elements of WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? in Madonna’s new song. I think it’s interesting because Madonna is notoriously threatened by Gwen — even though she is one of Gwen’s idols. Am I crazy?

  2. col

    interestingly they are both obsessed with losing their youth appeal. and both married to hot brits.

  3. col

    and no you are not crazy — there’s a similar sound. and tick tock tick tock — totes.

    gwennie’s came first, yes. DK who produced “what you waiting for” but timbaland produced 4 minutes, and it sounds like all his other stuff.

  4. col

    you know laurs, it also occurs to me that 4 minutes sounds like a song in super mario galaxy.

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