what’s an executive?

a few months back i was in an office with three alpha males under 40 … they nipped at eachother’s ears like frisky little puppies … it was exhausting to watch. the PR guy called the New Media guy an “executive,” to which the New Media guy took offense.

I’m not an executive!

labels matter. and over time i’ve come to the conclusion that New Media guy is a hollywood wannabe. a banker who wishes he were some sort of creative producer/director/shot caller. no one wants to be perceived as the type of heavy that inspires Medellin director Billy Walsh to wear his infamous tshirt. but we all want the dough and the ‘safety.’

Liz Lemmon goes Corporate



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2 responses to “what’s an executive?

  1. i need some business juice

  2. I just want to be an executive so I can legitimately find myself ‘business sick’.

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