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mi vacación

troncones may 2008


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what else could a woman possibly need?

it’s the “i have a master’s but then i got married” look. hat tip: shapely prose.


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latte lunacy

a former employee and overall “concerned citizen” at the starbucks down the street from me gave the olsen twins the ‘ol switcharoo. that’s much more extreme than a starbuttal.

Olsen twins’ Starbucks scandal

De facto Starbucks spokes-twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen might have a scandal on their hands. A former barista from the Olsen’s oft-frequented Starbucks in New York’s West Village allegedly used to swap out skim milk for the full-fat variety when the girls came by for their caffeine fix, reports OK! magazine.

The twins regularly ordered Grande nonfat lattes, but according to the Starbucks snitch, “the barista thought the Olsens were too thin, so whenever they ordered their usual drink, he would replace the skim milk with full-fat,” the source told the magazine.


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anatomy of attraction

i am not one of those typical american chicks who loves all men with accents. think i was 10 years ago … but between my own experiences and those of my pals, i understand now that good dudes are good dudes, and rakes are rakes … no matter what the nationality.

this is not to say that non-americans don’t have a little extra power to make me swoon and tune sometimes. or just tune even if i’m not swooning … i did NOT think the british bachelor, matt grant, was hot. but i still watched the show because it was interesting to observe his mannerisms, sensibility and how he interacted with all those chicks.

as for swoon power, daniel craig and clive owen remain TOPS on my list.

as discussed at length on this hallowed space, it’s the sick combo of brute masculinity and understated intelligence that totally get me.

you may note a third gent that i added to the mix above. that’s rufus sewell. like his hot brit brethren, rufus has amazing eyes. yet he has much more angular features than daniel and clive and his intelligence appears to be less understated, more intellectually pronounced. beth and i saw him in rock and roll in london a couple of years ago. and he was kickass in the illusionist and john adams. seems like a real leading man type — there aren’t enough of them in this world anymore!


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nudger, today

courtesy of my mom’s camera phone.


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mashup, please

been watching the bachelor for years. it’s ridiculously fun. am mesmerized by the understated mastery of host chris harrison. though small, his roll is paramount. he steps through the doorway with folded hands and utters those heart-stopping words:

Ladies, (insert Bachelor Name here), this is the final rose tonight.

i wish there were a mashup of him doing that over and over through the years.

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monday morning dance party!

“honey” by erykah badu. may have already posted this video here (or was that facebook?). no matter. totes worth a replay. not only is the song hot, but the video is just so wonderfully creative.

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