mildly incendiary musings

P-Diddy and I saw Chris Rock at Madison Square Garden last night. It was very, very fun. He’s such a truth talker, and so real and funny. He’s noticeably more mellow these days, and I don’t mean that in the incredibly lame way Eddie Murphy mellowed out later on in his career. Chris is still edgy as hell, he hasn’t lost any of the fire and brilliance that brought him on the scene. He just seems more at ease with himself. Perhaps that’s the confidence that comes with experience and crazy, mad cheddar.

He mostly talked about politics, race, about men and women. He said white women have the best deal in the world. White men are working for them − the women get half their shit. I don’t think Chris has met a lot of chicks like me and my pals − nobody’s doing a damn thing for us, thankyouverymuch. But we’ll set that aside for now. He also said black men want white women too. And they prefer white women who are heavier − they’ll kick over bag ‘o bones Jessica Simpson to get to Rosie O’Donnell. “When black guys start hitting on them a lot, white chicks get worried, ‘Damn I better get to the gym!’” Had to laugh at that one because it’s totally true. My weight fluctuates a little bit every few years, and when I am in a more voluptuous state the brothas are all about me … when I am in marathon shape, not as much.

Before the show P-Diddy and I got some bites and caught up. She’s recently started online dating again. We discussed the fact that a lot of white guys online are after her mainly because she’s Asian. Now you should know, P-Diddy is about as all American as they come. So the thought of some dude rollin’ up on her and trying to appeal to her ethnicity is hysterical to me. She’s had guys brag about their travels in Asia, and awkwardly speak Chinese to her. She’s even had guys say her English is really good. WTF?!!! It’s silly when these lame guys try to package her up into their Asian chick fantasy! Bottom line she is an extraordinary gal and being Asian is only part of who she is. At the end of the day my feeling is to each her own. I’ve dated men of all races, nationalities and ages. Think it just boils down to the chemistry between two people, and that is impossible to predict.


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  1. Lost

    OMG! That link to the “why I date asian women” was um…interesting. One of my favorite lines is that he finds asians loyal.

    Perhaps he also forgot to add the stereotype that we are also subversive and that we all like to take pictures.

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