the long blondes − couples

hot, smart, tough, and a bit sad. the thin lines between space time love and hate. that’s what the long blondes’ second lp couples invokes. feeling all the complications of dating, independence and being a timeless, sensitive woman in a world that favors egoic alpha males … it’s what my ears like to hear. not linear. it’s messy… sexy messy. new wave, brit pop, punk, rock … chrissy hynde meets logan’s run meets the harajuku girls. when she made uk music mag nme’s cool list, long blondes front woman kate jackson said, “they probably thought they didn’t have enough girls. it was so overrun with boring boys, they needed someone to bring a touch of glamour.”

well said sister. i love this record. it’s got the montage-collage sound of the world we’re living in right now. not old, not new. very now. makes me long for an atari as much as a guitar hero. makes me wanna dance, drink, give someone the finger and have a scandalous affair before settling into a state of complete zen detachment. it’s like liz lemmon saying: “suck it monkeys!” in one episode and then having a baby jones in the next. we’re all inconsistent …. it’s just that some of us deal with it better. some even make it look good.



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2 responses to “the long blondes − couples

  1. do you like better than their first? i haven’t heard this one yet. xoxo

  2. col

    that’s a tough one. after listening to it quite a bit over the past year and a half i am super attached to ‘someone to drive you home.’ think it’s a tighter package than ‘couples.’ think it’s easier to immediately love. but i don’t know which i like better. time will tell …

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