what a day folks. this time tomorrow it will be over. i am in the home stretch. during a break from rehearsals today i took myself up to central park to sit and relax and read a book about patience. it got old quick and i noticed a really cute guy walking by and smiling at me. so i smiled back. and he smiled back. and it went on and started getting ridiculous and i started to laugh.

at that moment a zany ignatius riley looking dude who was walking by from the other direction stopped and said, “wait, i know i’m not looking my best these days but are you laughing at me?!” to which i answered no, of course not. the cute guy kept moving along and ignatius stayed. ignatius asked if i was a real new yorker and then answered his own question stating, “of course you are. you’re talking to me. you’re laughing at life.”

he seemed like a nice man who just needed to chat. he’d come in to the city for the day from westchester for an inventor conference. he was eating a bag of those nasty nuts they sell on the street, dropping them and offering me some every few minutes. he had just for men, a bad mustache (what’s a good mustache these days, really?). he gave me his business card and apparently he is the president of an ultrasound company (of all things). i told him i am a writer and left the details thin. he asked if i knew any professional writers. i said indeed, i know quite a few. he asked if i knew a particular one. it turned out that the one he referenced is a family friend. i babysat her grandchildren 20 years ago, who are now grown adults.

after about 11 minutes i grew impatient and checked my blackberry. he took it as a signal to leave and was very apologetic about taking up my time. he gave me his email address and urged me to contact him so he can help cast me in his business partner’s son’s online videos (sweet!). i took it and bid him farewell. moments later one of those grown adult grandchildren-of-famous-writer came strolling up and shouted out my name. i was seated right there on the same bench. i hadn’t seen her in months and the fact that she came by in that very moment was total kismet.

a day i won’t soon forget.


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