we’ve all known for a long time that bill o’reilly is a total douche. many high profile personalities are. many are also total rageaholics to boot. i’ve known a few in my day who’ve go as far as THROW blunt objects at their subordinates. it’s ridiculous. i love when these indiscretions become the world’s business. instant karma. think alec baldwin, david o. russel. and now bill. for a full, wonderful potpourri of bill meltdown videos, be sure to visit team building is for suckers.



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7 responses to “F-IT! I’LL DO IT LIVE!

  1. I always figured BO’s on-air nice guy “who’s looking out for your” personality was a sham. Olbermann is a smug jerk too but but he doesn’t do much to hide it (I’m always waiting for the spittle to fly out of my tv screen).

    and that’s a hot tune!

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  3. Cols, I love how you are also jammin on the one.

    It’s got a nice beat. I can dance to it.

  4. Don’t forget Lou Dobbs. Why are these men so mean spirited and embittered?

    As God is my witness, I’ll never work for another rageaholic again!!

  5. bill o’rielly would clearly benefit from taking a course with me! i would teach him not to lose his cool.

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