anatomy of attraction

i am not one of those typical american chicks who loves all men with accents. think i was 10 years ago … but between my own experiences and those of my pals, i understand now that good dudes are good dudes, and rakes are rakes … no matter what the nationality.

this is not to say that non-americans don’t have a little extra power to make me swoon and tune sometimes. or just tune even if i’m not swooning … i did NOT think the british bachelor, matt grant, was hot. but i still watched the show because it was interesting to observe his mannerisms, sensibility and how he interacted with all those chicks.

as for swoon power, daniel craig and clive owen remain TOPS on my list.

as discussed at length on this hallowed space, it’s the sick combo of brute masculinity and understated intelligence that totally get me.

you may note a third gent that i added to the mix above. that’s rufus sewell. like his hot brit brethren, rufus has amazing eyes. yet he has much more angular features than daniel and clive and his intelligence appears to be less understated, more intellectually pronounced. beth and i saw him in rock and roll in london a couple of years ago. and he was kickass in the illusionist and john adams. seems like a real leading man type — there aren’t enough of them in this world anymore!



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3 responses to “anatomy of attraction

  1. Daniel and Clive together in one post is almost more than I can stand. God bless you.

    Rufus kinda reminds me of this guy (who is also known for his period pieces).

  2. col

    John, Daniel is what brought us together to begin with. How sweet.

    And Adam Ant? A high compliment to Rufus methinks. I remember being a little girl watching MTV knowing AA was naughty and loving it.

  3. John in IL

    If I strip for you will you strip for me?

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