blob (v.) • blahb ─ to inadvertently “out” someone for having a blog or to expose a blogger’s identity to an audience to whom he or she preferred to be transparent.

“Gahhhh! She blobbed me to my co-workers. Now everyone at the office is gonna know about my dating travails.”



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15 responses to “LEXICOL

  1. I’ll admit it. I’m a blobber.

  2. It’s only bad if what you’re writing is embarassing or offensive. I try to write my blog thinking that Mother might possibly be reading it.

    I read one blog where the blogmistress gives her full name and a pic of herself. She then goes on to truly rip on all of her coworkers (calling them morons and mouthbreathers). She then complains about how she gets treated so hatefully by said coworkers (plus she gets bunches of nasty anon comments). Duh.

  3. superdave524

    Probably not Kate’s best move, I’ll grant you, but she is fun to read.

  4. I enjoy reading her blog too but most of her troubles at work are directly a result of her own words. The stupidity involved in that boggles. That she complains about it makes me even more angry.

    It’s like she’s trying to prove a point about the “hateful” others by provoking their hate. And in the process she hurts herself. I don’t get it.

  5. And you owe me Dave. If you hadn’t read the Quaker and then read me you would never had known the awesomeness that is col.

  6. John and superdave, what is the link? Other hateful bloggers/blobbers want to know!

  7. John, you have to give us the URL address so we can read it, too. I want to read about Kate’s life and her disdain for mouth breathers!

  8. and while we’re at it, superdave do you have a link?

  9. superdave524

    I do owe you, John. I found this site through you. I found your site through QJ; QJ’s through Kate; Kate’s through Chase’s Dirty Thoughts (not what you think, he, like my brother, Andy, is an ultramarathoner who, it seems, gets dirty); Chase through my brother. You are all among my favorite people, and I am grateful.

    Kate is a hoot. I think she’s taking a few days off, but her site is “Out in Left Field” at:

    For what it’s worth, my site is “In the Boro” at:


    (I left off the “www”s because spam-guard won’t let me post them otherwise).

  10. Wow. Six degrees of superdave. Or maybe that’s six degrees of col.

  11. superdave524

    Or maybe it’s just these folks, twice.


  12. superdave524

    …and thanks for letting me visit, Col. Got to be some reason you’re so close to “Cool”.

  13. Lost

    Love this word. I am going to have to use it. I am not “out” about my blog to many people. So, often have to warn certain friends not to blob me.

    Was this an accpetable use of “blob”?

  14. Totes acceptable use of the word blob and I believe that Col is the center of the universe.

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