monday morning dance party!

This morning I give you the Office Space classic, “Shove This Jay Oh – Bee” by Canibus and the Biz. Listen closely to the lyrics. “Ay, yo bust it, ain’t no need to discuss it / Just take this job and shove it, right between your buttocks.”



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4 responses to “monday morning dance party!

  1. You need to add Ron Livingston to your list, col (if you already haven’t). No English accent but he is hot!

  2. superdave524

    Office Space rocks! Office Space soundtrack hip-hop rocks!

  3. ron livingston, aka Jack Berger from SATC. i kinda hate him for being such a pussy and breaking up with Carrie via a post it note. yeah, i know it was the character not the actor. irrational as it is, i still think of him as a douchey guy. but indeed, he’s still a hottie of sorts.

    my other fave song from the office space ST is geto boys’ “damn it feels good to be a gangster.”

  4. No HBO chez moi so no SATC. and yeah, I’m prolly the only gay guy who has never watched an entire episode of the show. And I like George Bush. Teh gheys hate me.

    and I loved Ron Livingston in Band of Brothers. An awesome (fabulous) performance.

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