loverage (v.) love·rage (ləv-rij) ─ The action of using a lover to advance one’s own ends or improve one’s situation.

Fugitive hedge fund manager Samuel Israel III loveraged his girlfriend to fake his suicide and escape federal authorities.”



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4 responses to “LEXICOL

  1. Lost

    LMAO! What a perfect picture.
    She actually looks really pretty in this photo.

  2. Good one col.

    And from the story: “the vehicle Mr. Israel is suspected of using as a getaway car was a white 2007 Coachmen Freelander.”


  3. Totes perfect, cols. Fake suicides always fail. Why don’t people learn this????

  4. What. A. Coward.

    I’m addicted to Lexicols now!

    PS He looks like a little like K♦Fed, doesn’t he?

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