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excerpt zen: what’s a rebel?

from Freedom: The Courage to Be Yourself by Osho



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Media Trends: Desultory Observations

1) NEW SPORTS ANALOGY: the game is now lacrosse − It’s not moving a big fat ball down a field anymore … its deftly flinging a smaller and more precious ball (audience) all over the place … scooping it and flinging it in a targeted and relentless fashion. giants don’t necessarily win. “The sport of lacrosse is a combination of basketball, soccer and hockey. Anyone can play lacrosse–the big or the small. The game requires and rewards coordination and agility, not brawn.” Actually, maybe it’s a game of lacrosse overlayed upon a game of football or basketball. How to conduct both games at once without everyone crashing into each other − there’s the challenge.

2) MONTAGE COLLAGE: because of the difficulty of launching anything new, a montage approach, blending the unknown with the known, making a new collage that connects new ideas with old ones, is desirable. It also jives with people’s new timeless sensibility. The past – what’s that? When video and info and people and connections are at your fingertips, nothing’s ever over. Everything is always there − with the potential in each moment to be new, and hot. Like an awesome R&B hook sampled in a hip hop song. As for the new new … will it ever be like the old new? No, it’s a new kind of new.

3) FULL ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE − People want out. They want to be outside. Doing different things, being healthy, being together, participating. The social networking phenomenon is visible and measurable online (though no one knows how to make money off it yet) … but there’s a whole live out-of-home dimension to the phenomenon. People reconnecting and coming out of the woodwork, live and in person. Whereas TV used to be their shared campfire, now there’s opportunity for new live campfires. New shared destinations. And I’m not just talking corny theme parks, imax, and live concerts. There’s more to it. I have a dream of creating a space I call “My Favorite Everything.” It’s a physical locale where visitors can experience all of my favorite things from all time − videos, music, images, words, memories, objects and even some live human beings. It would be like physically going to your favorite channel. Or my favorite channel, I should say. An artist pal said it’s an installation and I should build it. An entrepreneur friend said sounds like a cool invention. I keep thinking about it and I am sure many others are creating their own too.

4) THE NATURE OF REALITY — I also keep thinking of how tripped out it will be if/when reality TV assimilates into reality … there’s no casting anymore, no show per se but people are all celebs in their own mini worlds. Hard to describe but I see it coming …

5) VARIETY SHOWS — this is more of a near-term thing but i think the variety show may have a resurgence. i attended a will ferrell funny or die show at radio city back in the winter and thought: variety shows are poised to come back. american idol plus comedy plus other kinds of fun. now word on the street is rosie o’donnell is getting a show on fox prime time. “The new show could turn out to be a 2009 version of Carol Burnett or even ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.'” the osbournes may be getting onr too. good idea. the hardest part is finding the hosts/casts who can carry it off. leno, now avail, would be perfect.


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Misspelled tattoo: Oh, the ironee

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woody teaming up with long ball larry

Woody Allen is working on a new film with Larry David. It’s called “Whatever Works.” I suspect this one will work for me.

Asked if David, creator/star of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and Allen shared the same comedic sensibility, Allen said:

“He’s got a great thing of his own. He’s got a great, what would you call it, sarcastic, sour or vitriolic, wonderful, wonderful, no nonsense sense of humor.”

“I think I’m more illusory than him. Hes a stronger personality. I’m more of a schlemiel, a dope. I would be the guy they would plant the microfilm on and I would never know it, and I would be out there wondering why people are shooting at me. Larry has a different quality.”

His latest film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, is out next month. A pal saw it and raved. Javier looks smokin!

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the beautiful people

check it out: my cousin carmen, a model on what’s uniglo, you ask? i’m guessing it’s a clothing line that would never ever fit me. but look at carmen — ain’t she a peach? can i bask in her beauty limelight? okay so she’s my cousin by marriage, but still … (yes, i am this shallow).


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what do i know

i saw batman dark night yesterday. i thought it was 35 minutes too long and wasn’t all that into it. heath was the very best part — heath was incredible. i was nonplussed with christian bale, whom i am generally a big fan of. they’ve done a brilliant job marketing — managing to get the butts of me and my pal, women age 33 and 59, into those seats. and yeah it was fun and exciting and all that but at two and a half hours? unjustified. yet, it’s kicking serious ass at the box office … “There are even whispers starting whether Dark Knight can beat the incredible worldwide numbers posted by the all-time $1.8 billion benchmark of Titanic.” titanic was over three hours long, mind you, so it seems the go big or stay home approach pays off.

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monday morning dance party!

“i’m bossy” by kelis. i’m back with an 808 cause i’m bossy


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