fun (or am i nuts?)

this thursday night i’ll be attending a closed-door dating event hosted by Dr. Helen Fisher, ABC, and there will be cameras and everything and i had to sign a waiver saying that if i end up going out with any of the dudes they set me up with (they chose 5 for me), i have to agree to have cameras go on the date! the event is attached to Fisher’s new book (a work in progress) that will be featured in an upcoming hour long Barbara Walters/ABC News Special broadcast next January. the whole thing’s a touch wacky, but it also sounds like a fun experiment. the big question now is … what to wear. the producers emailed to say solids not prints. decisions, decisions.



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15 responses to “fun (or am i nuts?)

  1. I’m jealous! Be sure to tell us how it goes…

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! How exciting! How fun! How adventurous!

  3. superdave524

    I did the e-Harmony thing awhile. ‘Twas okay. I’ve gotten a couple of friends in the bargain. ‘Course, ultimately, I like my own company well enough.

  4. Fun! Can’t wait to hear about it!

  5. That “no prints” thing would be a deal killer for me. Otherwise it sounds great. I can’t wait for colTV!

  6. superdave524

    John, some day your prints will come.

  7. lmao, dave. So now I’m Snow White (with a tan) waiting at the fotomat? (god that dates me)

  8. Hi Col,
    I’m going to this event too and I agree it sounds a touch wacky but so much fun!

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  10. matthewjamesorlando

    I attended this event. They told me that they were going to drop the people we had an interest in getting to know into our mailboxes on Chemistry. They also said they were going to supply us with a free month to contact these people.

    Have you received anything from them yet?

  11. no followup, but i also didn’t report any interest in anyone there.

    i thought it was a well done event — well organized and attended. i wonder how helen fisher’s new book and the 20-20 special will turn out.

  12. matthewjamesorlando

    I’m sure her book will be great. I shot some email back and forth with her today. She truly believes in what she is doing and it’s so refreshing to know she is approachable.

    I put my name in the hat to go on some dates with someone and have it taped, but I haven’t heard back yet. Then again, it’s for fame not love, haha.

    I love your site! You are witty…

  13. matthewjamesorlando is quite a mouthful of a name…jus’ sayin’. Either that or I’m getting jealous.

  14. Hey Col,
    Thanks for reading my blog and for the comment you left. Did you end up getting matched up with any of the guys at the event? I’m going on a date with one next Sunday.


  15. oh john, i love your dirty mind.

    crista, i wasn’t matched up with anyone because i never turned in my cards. by the end i was so starving — all i was interested in was getting out of there and getting mexican food.

    fun times that you got matched up. so does this mean cameras will follow you on your date? do they come to your house to tape you while you’re getting ready? fun!

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