dear mark, the cute bartender

I was mortified that my Canadian pal told you my blog URL. I am too shy and too much of a dork and not a good flirt at all so if you’re here, bless you. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you:

1) thank you for all the free Riesling.

2) you are adorable. You look like Jason Schwartzman but cuter.

3) thank you for the napkins to ease my tears.

4) you have a very impressive iPod.

I love NYC and my pals. We’re all in it together. That’s the beauty of it, and of this time in my life. No matter what happens I know these gals are here for me offering unconditional love. I hope we’re old bags together some day.

Cin cin!



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2 responses to “dear mark, the cute bartender

  1. Those Canadians are so untrustworthy…especially when it comes to cute bartenders .

  2. ali

    LOOOVE this post!! you are too cute. was quite the lovely time! we may need to pay another visit on any given weds-sat haha

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