happy pre-bday, steve

steve’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow but he prefers to think of it as a week-long celebration (if not longer), and has encouraged his pals (myself among them) to focus our celebration on different days.

STEVE – to commemorate the day before your 33rd birthday, here are a few of my favorites steve moments from over the years:

1) when you posed as my film professor and busted adam t. for falsely claiming to be ill with Scarlatina.

2) Your stellar performance in The Unicorn Prank and the Elite in general.

3) London trip − Class A lasers, non-sensical answers, Glenn 3000, your ceaseless singing of “Shine Sweet Freedom” by Michael McDonald and propensity to call everyone around us “foreigners.”

4) The stakes you put on a game of catch in Minneapolis … if someone dropped the ball their plane would crash. Also the determination that the entire trip would be wiped from our memories if the US Women’s Olympics soccer team didn’t triumph against Brazil (they did – shwoo).

5) When you got rid of a chick in Key West by sending her home on the back of a stranger’s bike at the wee hours after we refused to clear the room to facilitate your hook up. And of course the festival of song that ensued.

6) When you wore a tank top and wrap skirt (was it a skort?) and played the bongos in John & my apartment in Brooklyn.

7) All your stories from the Special Liabilities Group in Farmington. Used condom in Yogurt (fruit on the bottom … thank you very little).

8 ) When we had the brilliant idea to bet on GO SHAMMY at the Kentucky Derby solely based on the name GO SHAMMY (and about half a dozen mint juleps).

9) Your classiness in always taking me to Subway (or at least offering). The fact that upscale means Chile’s or TGI Friday’s.



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  1. I’m naming my next animal Shammy. Brill.

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